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Defense Calendar

Week of September 16 - 22, 2018Wednesday, September 1911:00 am
Stagioni: Temperature management to enable near-sensor processing for performance, fidelity, and energy-efficiency of vision and imaging workloads
Venkatesh Kodukula
Computer Engineering (Electrical Engineering) (MS)
Friday, September 212:30 pm
On The Sidelines: Post-feminism, Neoliberalism, and the American Female Sportscaster Subjectivity
Guy Harrison
Journalism and Mass Communication (PHD)
Week of September 23 - 29, 2018Tuesday, September 2510:00 am
You Can't Always Get What You Want: Data Access in US Small and Medium Sized Cities
Federica Fusi
Public Administration and Policy (PHD)
2:30 pm
Understanding the Mechanisms and Potential of Microbial Peroxide-Producing Cells (MPPCs)
Michelle Young
Civil, Environmental and Sustainable Engineering (PHD)
BDB 105
Wednesday, September 2610:00 am
1205459901 Thesis Mohan.docx
Chitra Mohan
Nutrition (MS)
ABC1 122
1:00 pm
Training Robot Policies Using External Memory Based Networks Via Imitation Learning
Nambi Srivatsav
Computer Science (MS)
2:00 pm
An Approach to QoS-Based Task Distribution in Edge Computing Networks for IoT Applications
Yaozhong Song
Computer Engineering (Computer Systems) (PHD)
Week of September 30 - October 06, 2018Monday, October 0110:00 am
Understanding Staff Influence on the Ecological Group Home Environment
Hilary Haseley
Social Work (PHD)
11:00 am
Rui Liu
Electrical Engineering (PHD)
ISTB4 555A
2:30 pm
Exploring the Linguistic and the Discourse-Pragmatic Functions of Arabic Ya¿ni in a Novel Context of Language Use
Yahya Mobarki
Linguistics and Applied Linguistics (PHD)
RBHL 196
Tuesday, October 029:00 am
Consumer Demand for Local Food from Direct-to-Consumer versus Intermediated Marketing Channels
Iryna Printezis
Business Administration (Agribusiness) (PHD)
AGBC 101
9:30 am
Hydronarratives: Reading Water in the Anthropocene
Matthew Henry
English (Literature) (PHD)
RBHL 115
Friday, October 051:00 pm
A Recording Project Featuring Five Newly Commissioned Works for Clarinet By James Applegate
James Applegate
Music (Performance) (DMA)
Week of October 14 - 20, 2018Monday, October 1510:00 am
Human Activity Recognition and Control of Wearable Robots
Prudhvi Chinimilli
Aerospace Engineering (PHD)
ECG 218
1:30 pm
Non-penetrating microelectrode interfaces for bi-directional neuroprothetic applications: feasibility and chronic performance in striate cortex
Denise Oswalt
Biomedical Engineering (PHD)
ISTB1 227
2:00 pm
Reduction of Visceral Fat in Response to Consumption of Red Wine Vinegar
Lisa Gonzalez
Nutrition (MS)
Wednesday, October 178:00 am
Estimating Expansive Soil Field Suction Profiles Using a Soil Suction Surrogate
Alan Cuzme
Civil, Environmental and Sustainable Engineering (MS)
GWC 137
9:30 am
Evaluation of Climate Parameter with regards to Unsaturated Clay Soil Suction Profiles
Sai Singhar
Civil, Environmental and Sustainable Engineering (MS)
GWC 137
Week of October 21 - 27, 2018Tuesday, October 2311:00 am
Generating Light Estimation for Mobile Mixed-reality Devices through Collaborative Visual Sensing
Siddhant Prakash
Computer Science (MS)
Wednesday, October 2410:00 am
Reliability of the Preterm Infant Breastfeeding Behavior Scale (PIBBS) for the Late Preterm Infant Population
Angela Lober
Nursing and Healthcare Innovation (PHD)
12:00 pm
Our Eyes the Window to Our Soul: Understanding the Impact of Images on Social Studies Curriculum and Lived Experience
Darlene Gonzales
Curriculum and Instruction (Curriculum Studies) (PHD)
ED 312
2:00 pm
A Rabies Model with Distributed Latent Period and Territorial and Diffusing Rabid Foxes
Khalaf Alanazi
Applied Mathematics (PHD)
WXLR 202
Friday, October 2610:00 am
How Peasant Farming one Chiapas, Mexico has Changed in an Era of Climate Change
Anisa Villarreal
Social Justice and Human Rights (MA)
FAB S170
Week of October 28 - November 03, 2018Monday, October 2910:00 am
Hope as Strategy: The Effectiveness of an Innovation of the Mind
Shawn Loescher
Leadership and Innovation (EDD)
FAB S211
Tuesday, October 3010:00 am
Epigenetic dysregulation in the basocortical cholinergic projection system during the progression of Alzheimer's disease
Laura Mahady
Neuroscience (PHD)
LSE 244
Wednesday, October 318:00 am
Baseline Carbon Balance and Thermal Stratification Assessment for Cragin Reservoir
Theodore Flatebo
Civil, Environmental and Sustainable Engineering (MS)
ISTB4 240
9:00 am
Fostering social change through community engagement: A critical insight into identity and strategic knowledge during domestic professional internships in Spanish for Specific Purposes
Alexis Vollmer Rivera
Spanish (PHD)
LL 165
Thursday, November 019:00 am
Teaching Science Lab Safety: Are Virtual Simulations Effective?
Philippos Savvides
Educational Technology (PHD)
Friday, November 029:00 am
Examining the limitations of 238U/235U in marine carbonates as a paleoredox proxy
Xinming Chen
Geological Sciences (PHD)
PSF 226
11:00 am
Historical Geospatial Iodide Occurrence and Sources in Surface and Groundwaters of the United States of America
Naushita Sharma
Civil, Environmental and Sustainable Engineering (MS)
ISTB4 396
Week of November 04 - 10, 2018Monday, November 059:00 am
Second Language Learners' Translanguaging Practices and Development of Performative Competence in Digital Affinity Spaces
Kaitlyn Teske
Spanish (PHD)
LL 165
10:30 am
Managing Security and Network Flow States for Large-Scale Data Center Networks
Abdulhakim Sabur
Computer Engineering (Computer Systems) (MS)
11:00 am
Academically Successful Latina Mothers' Life Narratives on Schooling and Parenting
Anne Mulligan
Educational Psychology (Lifespan Development Psychology) (PHD)
ED 146
1:00 pm
Cyber Attacks Detection and Mitigation in SDN Environments
Adel Alshamrani
Computer Science (PHD)
2:00 pm
Discoverable Free Space Gesture Sets for Walk-Up-and-Use Interactions
Lavinia Danielescu
Computer Science (Arts, Media and Engineering) (PHD)
2:30 pm
Upper extremity biomechanics in non-native and native sign language users
Gretchen Roman
Exercise and Nutritional Sciences (PHD)
ABC1 146
Tuesday, November 0612:00 pm
Improving the reliability and generalizability of scientific research
Leonid Tiokhin
Anthropology (PHD)
Wednesday, November 0710:00 am
El Comité de Repatriación: Mexican Management of the Co-National Exodus, 1932-1934
Devon Bridgewater
History (PHD)
COOR 4403