Week of July 21 - 27, 2019Monday, July 229:00 am
Research on M&A Behavior and Income of A-share Pharmaceutical Enterprises in Fluctuating Market
Fengdong Miao
Global Financial Management (DBA)
China Shanghai SAIF 1006
12:00 pm
Socialist in Form, National in Content: Soviet Culture in the Tatar Autonomous Republic, 1934-1968
John Romero
History (PHD)
COOR 4411
Tuesday, July 231:00 pm
Investigation into a laser welded interconnection method for Interdigitated Back-Contact(IBC) Solar cell modules
Sujyot Sukumar Mony
Materials Science and Engineering (MS)
Wednesday, July 243:00 pm
Activity Specification for Time-based Discrete Event Simulation Models
Abdurrahman Alshareef
Computer Science (PHD)
Thursday, July 252:00 pm
Hybrid Envelope Tracking Supply Modulator Analysis and Design for Wideband Applications
Parisa Mahmoudidaryan
Electrical Engineering (PHD)
ISTB4 555A
Friday, July 2612:00 pm
Evaluation of Emerging Sustainable Residential Construction Technologies in the Twin Cities Metro Area
Ryan McKilligan
Construction Management (MS)
Skype N/A
Week of August 11 - 17, 2019Monday, August 1211:30 am
Innovating Together: Employing a Faculty Learning Community to Support Blended Learning
Justin Harbin
Leadership and Innovation (EDD)
FAB S211
2:00 pm
Non-Natives and Nativists: The Settler Colonial Origins of Anti-Immigrant Sentiment in Contemporary Literatures of the US and Australia
Travis Franks
English (Literature) (PHD)
RBHL 103
Thursday, August 1510:00 am
Hash Families and Applications to t-Restrictions
Ryan Dougherty
Computer Science (PHD)
1:00 pm
Long Range Microbial Electron Transfer: Natural Mechanisms and Synthetic Models
Miyuki Thirumurthy
Biochemistry (PHD)
PSB 234
Week of August 18 - 24, 2019Friday, August 231:00 pm
Terahertz Holography for Non-line of Imaging
Sai Kiran Doddalla
Electrical Engineering (MS)
ISTB4 555A
Week of September 01 - 07, 2019Tuesday, September 0310:00 am
Harnessing Emotions: The Impact of Developing Ability Emotional Intelligence Skills on Perceptions of Collaborative Teamwork in a Project-Based Learning Class
Alison Zuniga
Leadership and Innovation (EDD)
FAB S211