Week of February 05 - 11, 2023Tuesday, February 072:00 pm In-Person
Extensions of the Assembly Line Balancing Problem Towards a General Assembly System Design Problem
Esam Alhomaidi
Industrial Engineering (PHD)
Virtual Audience Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/89478759310?pwd=SWpNdkpYNWNRMENoTXcyejhqb2g1dz09 (Password: 444444)
Brickyard Engineering Building M1-09
2:30 pm In-Person
Data-Efficient Graph Learning
Kaize Ding
Computer Science (PHD)
Brickyard Engineering Building 420
Friday, February 109:00 am In-Person
The Nature of Cancer: Unifying Evolutionary Theory in Cancer Biology
Zachary Compton
Evolutionary Biology (PHD)
Virtual Audience Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/6520985098
Biodesign Institute Bldg A AL1
Week of February 12 - 18, 2023Wednesday, February 159:00 am In-Person
Dying With Honor: Representations of Suicide Among the Titular Heroines of Giacomo Puccini
Kaitlyn Sabrowsky
Music (Performance) (DMA)
Music Building E243
Thursday, February 161:00 pm In-Person
Self-Continuity between Offline and Social Media Life Predicts Psychological Adjustment
Cameron Bunker
Psychology (PHD)
Virtual Audience Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/263301337
John W Schwada Clrm Off Bldg 305
Friday, February 1711:00 am Online
The Value of Interaction via Moodle for Teaching and Learning: Perceptions of Lecturers and Students
Shanomae Rose
Leadership and Innovation (EDD)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/81333834573?pwd=WjBDcjJmQnhVdTl0QkU1Q1QzQ2dzUT09
Week of February 19 - 25, 2023Monday, February 2012:00 pm In-Person
Reducing Abortion Rates without Restricting Legal Access to Abortion: Evidence from Comparative Analysis of Relevant Policies and Demographic Indicators in 15 Post-Soviet Countries and Adaptive Agent-Based Modeling of Unintended Pregnancies
Dina Ziganshina
Biology (Biology and Society) (PHD)
Virtual Audience Link: https://asu.zoom.us/my/dinaziganshina
Life Science C-Wing 202
Tuesday, February 212:00 pm In-Person
Looking Backward, Inward, and Forward: The Geneaology of and Conceptual and Empirical Evidence for the Next Education Workforce
Lennon Audrain
Educational Policy and Evaluation (PHD)
Virtual Audience Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/83498955424
Farmer 425
Thursday, February 239:00 am In-Person
The Dynamics & Evolution of Martian Ices: Implications for Present-Day Liquid Water
Aditya Khuller
Geological Sciences (PHD)
Virtual Audience Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/3783570210
Moeur Administration Building 137
1:00 pm In-Person
Evaluating the Ecosystem of the Lower Mekong Basin: Multi-scale Multi-sensor Geospatial Analytics
Yubin Li
Geography (PHD)
Lattie F. Coor Hall 5501
Friday, February 249:00 am Online
A Computational Study on Melting Point of Si-Ge-Sn High Entropy Alloy
Ahmad Alqaisi
Materials Science and Engineering (MS)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/87567319704
9:00 am In-Person
Different surfactants degradation in O2-based MBfR and the community/gene variation
Chenwei Zheng
Civil, Environmental and Sustainable Engineering (PHD)
Virtual Audience Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/84979093719
Biodesign Institute Bldg A 250
10:30 am Hybrid
Further Validation of the Multiracial Identity Integration Scale (MIIS): Factor Structure, Validity, Reliability, and Measurement Invariance
Abigail Gabriel
Family and Human Development (PHD)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/81819638772
Social Sciences Building 204
1:00 pm In-Person
Towards Development of Models that Learn New Tasks from Instructions
Swaroop Mishra
Computer Engineering (Computer Systems) (PHD)
Brickyard Engineering Building BYENG 510
Week of February 26 - March 04, 2023Monday, February 2710:30 am Online
Alternative Narrative to Inadequate Parenting: The Community Adversity Index
Holly White-Wolfe
Justice Studies (PHD)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/87104786042
Tuesday, February 289:00 am In-Person
Embodied Educational Experiences of Students Who were Forced to Move from Ukrainian War Areas and Study at Ukrainian Displaced Universities.
Mariia Vitrukh
Educational Policy and Evaluation (PHD)
Ross-Blakley Hall 117
Thursday, March 0211:00 am Online
Professional Development Made Personal: A Mixed-Methods Investigation of College Instructors' Perspective Transformations in ACUE's Inclusive Teaching Program
Julie Candio Sekel
Leadership and Innovation (EDD)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/my/raybusszoom
Friday, March 0312:00 pm In-Person
Exploring the Structures and Binding Sites of Electroneutral Cation/Proton Antiporter proteins with Computational Methods
Chenou Zhang
Physics (PHD)
Virtual Audience Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/84700128421
Physical Sciences F-Wing 372
Week of March 12 - 18, 2023Monday, March 139:00 am In-Person
The Cognitive Effects of Maqui Berry Extract and Fish Oil Supplements in Adults with Type 2 Diabetes
Allyson Deimeke
Nutritional Science (MS)
Virtual Audience Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/84629509051
Arizona Center (DTPHX) 270
12:00 pm Online
Modeling Information Literacy for Curriculum Integration
Simone Bernard
Leadership and Innovation (EDD)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/8989337844
Tuesday, March 1412:00 pm In-Person
Longitudinal Relations between Parental Depression and Children's Language Development
Brandon Clifford
Family and Human Development (PHD)
Social Sciences Building 204
3:00 pm In-Person
A Philosophy of Access: Disability Accommodations as a Matter of Justice
Rachel Levit Ades
Philosophy (PHD)
Virtual Audience Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/6885793995
Lattie F. Coor Hall 3323
Thursday, March 161:00 pm In-Person
Highly Sensitive and Multiplexed Single Cell In-situ Protein Imaging with Cleavable Fluorescent Probes
Thai Pham
Chemistry (PHD)
Physical Sciences C-Wing 103
Friday, March 1711:30 am In-Person
Aligning Workers with the Mission Using Socio-Technical Integration in Industrial Organizations
Shivam Zaveri
Human and Social Dimensions of Science and Technology (PHD)
Virtual Audience Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/9199196670
Interdisciplinary Sci/Tech VII 190
1:00 pm In-Person
Effects of Advanced Material Morphologies on Thermal, Electrical and Thermoelectric Properties
Faizan Ejaz
Mechanical Engineering (PHD)
Engineering Research Center 490
1:00 pm In-Person
The Lowest Basin, Arizona Stories: On Being From Arizona, On Writing About Arizona, On Identifying and Contributing to an Arizona Literary Regionalism
Jonathan Danielson
English (Literature) (PHD)
Virginia G Piper Writers House LOBBY
Week of March 19 - 25, 2023Tuesday, March 2112:00 pm In-Person
Soft and Semi-rigid Robot Designs via Compliance Tuning
Dongting Li
Systems Engineering (PHD)
Virtual Audience Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/8403087463
Peralta Hall 203
Week of March 26 - April 01, 2023Tuesday, March 2810:00 am In-Person
Progressibility: Why Can Some Technologies Improve More Rapidly than Others?
John Nelson
Human and Social Dimensions of Science and Technology (PHD)
Virtual Audience Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/81408003668
Interdisciplinary Sci/Tch X 481
Thursday, March 309:00 am In-Person
Distributed Coherent Mesh Beamforming: Algorithms and Implementation
Jacob Holtom
Electrical Engineering (PHD)
Virtual Audience Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/87488277491?pwd=Z3Q2NFNTZER4eERzUDlkL20xei9iZz09
Barry M. Goldwater Center 305
10:30 am Hybrid
Laboratory and Field Evaluation of Enzyme Induced Carbonate Precipitation (EICP) for Fugitive Dust Mitigation
Miriam Woolley
Civil, Environmental and Sustainable Engineering (PHD)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/83529892220?pwd=NVREbXNQQUN2TXBFNnFxRTk0ZDY2dz09
Barry M. Goldwater Center 137
2:00 pm In-Person
The Role of the Physical and Social Residential Environment in Shaping Heat Risks in an Arid City
Mary Wright
Geography (PHD)
Virtual Audience Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/85934998421
Lattie F. Coor Hall 5536
Friday, March 311:00 pm In-Person
Man Su's Dissertation Defense
Man Su
Learning, Literacies and Technologies (PHD)
Virtual Audience Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/6101862988
Educ - I. D. Payne Educ Hall 129
Week of April 02 - 08, 2023Thursday, April 069:00 am In-Person
Bench-scale Development of Microbial Chain Elongation as a Bioremediation Technology for Reductive Dechlorination of Chlorinated Ethenes
Aide Robles
Civil, Environmental and Sustainable Engineering (PHD)
Virtual Audience Link: Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: https://asu.zoom.us/j/85872491142?pwd=dCtieE9Vb2VzOEZEMFVZTThYOStFUT09 Password: MCE2023!
Biodesign Institute Bldg B 105
Friday, April 0712:00 pm In-Person
Modeling Brain Cancer Progression using Reaction-Diffusion Equations with Minimal Parameters
Duane Harris
Applied Mathematics (PHD)
Virtual Audience Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/81127309679
Wexler Hall (Tempe) A302
Week of April 09 - 15, 2023Monday, April 1011:00 am In-Person
Advanced Data-Driven Learning and Predictions for Aviation Decision Support
Yutian Pang
Mechanical Engineering (PHD)
Virtual Audience Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/4865962686
Engineering Research Center 490
1:00 pm In-Person
Long-term effects of precipitation extremes on ecosystem functioning: From plant phenology to nutrient cycling
Courtney Currier
Environmental Life Sciences (PHD)
Virtual Audience Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/9741042513
Life Science C-Wing 202
Thursday, April 139:30 am In-Person
Functional connectivity in internally and externally oriented networks: a resting-state corpus callosum agenesis study
Lalaine Dungca
Auditory and Language Neuroscience (MS)
Lattie F. Coor Hall 2201
10:00 am In-Person
Design and Control of Compliant Multirotor Aerial Vehicles for Physical Interaction Tasks
Karishma Patnaik
Systems Engineering (PHD)
Virtual Audience Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/4252049996
Peralta Hall 310
1:00 pm In-Person
A Dual Scale Approach to Modeling Hydrodynamic Instabilities on a Phase Interface
Austin Goodrich
Aerospace Engineering (PHD)
Virtual Audience Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/2338609724
Engineering Research Center 490
Friday, April 1410:00 am In-Person
The impact of workforce development for peer-parents in child welfare: A qualitative analysis of a peer-parent educational program in Arizona
Samantha Hamilton
Social Work (MSW)
Virtual Audience Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/8437653552
University Center (DTPHX) 819