Week of September 22 - 28, 2019Monday, September 2310:30 am
Next Generation Photovoltaic Modules: Visualizing Deflection, Stress Analysis and Module Fabrication
Xiaodong Meng
Materials Science and Engineering (PHD)
GWC 535
Week of September 29 - October 05, 2019Monday, September 309:30 am
Multimodal Data Analysis of Dyadic Interactions for an Automated Feedback System Supporting Parent Implementation of Pivotal Response Treatment
Corey Copenhaver-Heath
Computer Science (PHD)
FULTN 1474
Week of October 27 - November 02, 2019Tuesday, October 2910:00 am
First Impressions: Improving the Connection between Deaf Consumers and ASL/English Interpreters
Teddi Covey von Pingel
Leadership and Innovation (EDD)
ED 312