Graduate College

Defense Calendar

Week of November 11 - 17, 2018Thursday, November 159:00 am
Edible Electronics: Fabrication and Performances
Wenwen Xu
Chemical Engineering (PHD)
Friday, November 1610:00 am
A Bridge Over Troubled Waters: Power, Exploitation and Gender in International Online Matchmaking.
Linh Dai
Justice Studies (PHD)
Saturday, November 179:00 am
Credit Spreads Risk Factors of Chinese City Investment Bond
Juhui Li
Global Financial Management (DBA)
Week of November 18 - 24, 2018Monday, November 199:00 am
Creating, Validating, and Using Synthetic Power Flow Cases: A Statistical Approach to Power System Analysis
Eran Schweitzer
Electrical Engineering (PHD)
GWC 305
10:00 am
The Investigation of the Electronic Properties of Si Based Heterojucntions: a First Principle Study of a-Si:H/c-Si and GaP/Si Heterojunctions
Reza Vatan Meidanshahi
Electrical Engineering (PHD)
GWC 487
1:00 pm
The effects of commercially available gluten-free bread on post-prandial glycemia in comparison to conventional gluten-containing bread in healthy adults: a double-blind randomized crossover trial.
Lauren Waznik
Nutrition (MS)
HLTHN 101/103
2:00 pm
Troubling Disability: A Phenomenological Exploration of Experiences with Disability In, Through, and Around Music
Jesse Rathgeber
Music (Music Education) (PHD)
Tuesday, November 2012:00 pm
The Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Spillover Effect: Do Siblings Reap the Benefits?
Stephanie Steeves
Nutrition (MS)
ABC1 230
Wednesday, November 218:00 am
Design, Analysis and Computation in Wireless and Optical Networks
Chenyang Zhou
Computer Science (PHD)
10:00 am
Patterns of Sugars Intake, Total Energy Intake, and Body Mass Index in Healthy Individuals
Hannah Gunnerson
Nutrition (MS)
ABC1 230
Week of November 25 - December 01, 2018Monday, November 269:00 am
Image Based Social Media and the Tourist Gaze: A Phenomenological Approach
Brenda Campbell
Community Resources and Development (MS)
Wednesday, November 283:15 pm
Performance Evaluation of Object Proposal Generators for Salient Object Detection
Sai Prajwal Kotamraju
Electrical Engineering (MS)
GWC 305
Thursday, November 2910:00 am
Predicting and Interpreting Students Performance using Supervised Learning and Shapley Additive Explanations
Wenbo Tian
Computer Science (MS)
Week of December 23 - 29, 2018Friday, December 284:00 pm
Nauvoo UAV Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Roof Inspection Feasibility Study
Jordan Bodily
Construction Management (MS)
CAVC 582