Graduate College

Defense Calendar

Week of January 20 - 26, 2019Wednesday, January 2311:00 am
Ahmed Ahmed
Civil, Environmental and Sustainable Engineering (PHD)
ISTB4 240
1:00 pm
Trajectories of Familism Values Among Mexican American Youth: Family Environment, Economic Hardship, and Perceived Ethnic Discrimination as Predictors
Emily Jenchura
Psychology (PHD)
PSYN 267
Friday, January 2510:00 am
Improving Levels of Employee Engagement Among Student Services Professionals
Chris Vitelli
Leadership and Innovation (EDD)
ED 308
1:00 pm
Benefits of Using Augmented Reality in Planning, Construction and Post-Construction Phases in Specialty Contracting
Jad Chalhoub
Civil, Environmental and Sustainable Engineering (PHD)
CAVC 501
Week of January 27 - February 02, 2019Monday, January 289:30 am
A Work and its Shapers: The "Most High Scripture of the Three Heavens" in Early Medieval China
Timothy Swanger
Religious Studies (PHD)
COOR 4403
Wednesday, January 303:00 pm
Glutamatergic and Neuroimmune Mechanisms of N-acetylcysteine-Mediated Inhibition of Cue-Induced Nicotine Seeking
Mark Namba
Psychology (MA)
PSY 263
Week of February 03 - 09, 2019Monday, February 049:00 am
Model-based automatic and robust spike sorting for large volume recording data
Weichao Ma
Electrical Engineering (PHD)
GWC 208
Week of February 10 - 16, 2019Wednesday, February 1311:00 am
Parent-Teacher Partnership: Workshops to Support Family Engagement in Student Reading Comprehension
Kevin Chamorro
Leadership and Innovation (EDD)
Friday, February 151:00 pm
Wide Bandgap Semiconductors Based Energy-Efficient Optoelectronics and Power Electronics
Houqiang Fu
Electrical Engineering (PHD)
Week of March 03 - 09, 2019Wednesday, March 062:00 pm
Fostering Student Engagement through an Online Community of Learning: A Mixed Methods Action Research Dissertation
Obiageli Sneed
Leadership and Innovation (EDD)
MU 224 (GILA)
Week of March 17 - 23, 2019Thursday, March 219:00 am
Maintaining Performance: Evidence-Based Educational Facility Management Through A Decision-Support Tool Leveraging Prior Empirical Research
Michael Beauregard
Construction Management (PHD)
CAVC 501
Week of March 31 - April 06, 2019Thursday, April 048:00 am
Metabolism Tracking and the Mediating Effect of Sleep and Diet on Rate of Gestational Weight Gain
Kiley Vander Wyst
Exercise and Nutritional Sciences (PHD)
ABC1 230