Graduate College

Defense Calendar

Week of April 21 - 27, 2019Monday, April 2210:00 am
Food Plant Biogeography of the Sonoran Desert
Carolyn Flower
Plant Biology and Conservation (MS)
LSE 244
1:00 pm
The Role of Parental Expectations and Self-Beliefs on Academic Stress and Depression among Asian American Undergraduates
Stephanie Aoki
Counseling Psychology (PHD)
EDB 311B
Tuesday, April 239:30 am
Mexico's Energy Imaginations: The Social Consequences of Major Energy Systems Change
Carlo Altamirano Allende
Human and Social Dimensions of Science and Technology (PHD)
COOR 5536
2:00 pm
Economic Development and Reproduction: Understanding the Role of Market Opportunities in Shaping Fertility Variation
Joseph Hackman
Anthropology (PHD)
LSC 202
3:00 pm
Navigating the Journey of Grantwriting
Joanna Guevara
Theatre (Arts Entrepreneurship and Management) (MFA)
FAC 132
Wednesday, April 2410:00 am
Efficient Incremental Model Learning on Data Streams
Xilun Chen
Computer Science (PHD)
12:30 pm
Parenting, Executive Function, and Children's Emerging Emotional Intelligence
Emily Ross
Psychology (PHD)
PSY 254
12:59 pm
Experimental Design Issues in Functional Brain Imaging with High Temporal Resolution
Reem Alghamdi
Statistics (PHD)
Thursday, April 253:30 pm
Magnetic Field Sensing and Nanoparticle Induced Ferromagnetism in Graphene Towards Spintronics
Guibin Song
Electrical Engineering (PHD)
GWC 305
Friday, April 269:00 am
Experimental Characterization and Finite Element Modeling of Composites to Support an Orthotropic Material Model
Bilal Khaled
Civil, Environmental and Sustainable Engineering (PHD)
GWC 487
10:10 am
Functional Impairment, Mental Disorder Symptomatology, and Perceived Bias among Racial and Ethnic Minorities in the United States
Kimberly Yu
Psychology (MA)
PSY 275
11:30 am
Impact of renewable generation on forecasting hourly locational marginal prices (LMPs) for California ISO
Chinmay Vad
Electrical Engineering (MS)
GWC 137
Week of April 28 - May 04, 2019Monday, April 2910:00 am
The Effect of Disability on Subjective Well-Being across the Adult Lifespan: The Moderating Roles of Age at Disability Onset and Disability Type
Nicoletta Fraire
Psychology (MA)
12:00 pm
Addressing the Variable Selection Bias and Local Optimum Limitations of Longitudinal Recursive Partitioning with Time-Efficient Approximations
Gabriela Stegmann
Psychology (Quantitative Research Methods) (PHD)
PSY 275
Week of May 05 - 11, 2019Wednesday, May 089:00 am
Evaluating Person-Oriented Methods for Mediation
Heather Smyth
Psychology (MA)
PSYN 360
11:00 am
A Worldview MAP Approach to Intercultural Competence in a Multinational Organization in Europe and Japan
Elena Steiner
Communication (PHD)
Thursday, May 099:00 am
Between Black Britishness and Black Englishness: The Case of Black women and the Academy
Anique John
Justice Studies (PHD)
10:30 am
Viscous compressible flow through micro-conduit: slip-like flow rate with no-slip boundary condition
Di Shen
Mechanical Engineering (PHD)
ECG 214
12:00 pm
Heat Mitigation in Hot Urban Deserts: Measuring Actualities, Magnitude and Effectiveness
Saud AlKhaled
Design, Environment and the Arts (PHD)
CDS 127
12:00 pm
Winning the recruiting game: The student-athlete perspective
Karlee Posteher
Communication (PHD)
Friday, May 1010:00 am
On-Chip Learning and Inference Acceleration of Sparse Representations
Deepak Vinayak Kadetotad
Electrical Engineering (PHD)
ISTB4 555A
10:00 am
Design of Redox Proteins as Catalysts for Fuel Production
Zahra Bahrami Dizicheh
Chemistry (PHD)
PSC 103
1:00 pm
Fighting For A Second Chance: Factors that Impact Graduate Students with Criminal Record's Transitions into Higher Education
Terrence McTier
Educational Policy and Evaluation (PHD)
Week of May 12 - 18, 2019Tuesday, May 1410:00 am
Highly Multiplexed Superconducting Detectors and Readout Electronics for Balloon-Borne and Space-Based Far-Infrared Imaging and Polarimetry
Samuel Gordon
Astrophysics (PHD)
ISTB4 240
11:00 am
Do Positive and Negative Affect Mediate the Within-Day Relations Between Sleep Quality and Social Events in Fibromyalgia?
Dhwani Kothari
Psychology (PHD)
PSY 275
1:00 pm
Masters Thesis
Ashish Rana
Mechanical Engineering (MS)
ECA 219
Wednesday, May 159:00 am
Institutions for Provision of Shared Infrastructure: Insights from Irrigation Systems in South India
Sechindra Vallury
Sustainability (PHD)
WGHL 481
Thursday, May 1610:00 am
Atomic-Level Analysis of Oxygen Exchange Reactions on Ceria-based Catalysts
Ethan Lawrence
Materials Science and Engineering (PHD)
GWC 107
2:00 pm
Institutional Management for Infrastructure Resilience
Changdeok Gim
Human and Social Dimensions of Science and Technology (PHD)
ED 202
Week of May 19 - 25, 2019Monday, May 2010:00 am
Analysis and Decision-Making with Social Media
Lydia Manikonda
Computer Science (PHD)
Thursday, May 2310:00 am
Tools, Techniques, and Applications of Detrital Thermochronology: from the Lab to the eastern Sierra Nevada, California
Alexandra Horne
Geological Sciences (PHD)
ISTB4 240
Week of June 02 - 08, 2019Wednesday, June 059:00 am
Novel-Word Learning in Bilingual Children with Hearing Loss
Beatriz de Diego Lazaro
Speech and Hearing Science (PHD)
COOR 3501
Week of June 09 - 15, 2019Tuesday, June 113:00 pm
Characterization of Flexible Heat Sinks
Saurabh Prabhu
Mechanical Engineering (MS)
ECA 219
Friday, June 1412:00 pm
How Yoga Became ┬┐White:┬┐ Yoga Mobilities, Race, and the U.S. Settler Nation (1923-2018)
Roopa Singh
Justice Studies (PHD)
Week of June 16 - 22, 2019Monday, June 1710:00 am
AFM Cantilever Based Near Field Radiation Heat Transfer Measurement
Ramteja Reddy Kondakindi
Mechanical Engineering (MS)
GWC 107
Tuesday, June 1810:00 am
Smart Resource Allocation for Internet-of-Things: Perspectives of Network, Security, and Economics
Ruozhou Yu
Computer Science (PHD)
10:00 am
Anticipating and Adapting to Increases in Water Distribution Infrastructure Failure Caused by Heat Exposure from Climate Change
Emily Bondank
Civil, Environmental and Sustainable Engineering (PHD)
CAVC 301
1:00 pm
Food, a global product: an enhanced FEW nexus approach
Mukunth Natarajan
Sustainability (PHD)
CAVC 401