Week of April 11 - 17, 2021Friday, April 167:00 am Online
Extending REACT to Support Quality of Service: Algorithms and Implementation, With Screening and Performance Experiments on a Wireless Testbed
Daniel Kulenkamp
Computer Science (MS)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/84986901587
8:30 am Online
Coordinated Wide-Area Control of Multiple Controllers in a Modern Power System
Pooja Gupta
Electrical Engineering (PHD)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/84314340621
9:00 am Online
Health Check Among Passengers; Air Travel in the Age of COVID-19
Shelby Liu
Design (Industrial Design) (MSD)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/9795976113
9:00 am Online
Food Based Edible Electronics
Haokai Yang
Mechanical Engineering (PHD)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/85048135239
9:00 am Online
Design, Development and Accelerated Stress Testing of Gas Diffusion Layers, using pore forming agent, for Proton Exchange Member Fuel Cells at various Relative Humidity conditions
Grigoria Athanasaki
Systems Engineering (PHD)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/84697093389
9:00 am Online
Trajectories of Intimate Partner Violence and Help-seeking among Older Adult Women in the Southwest United States: A Life Course Perspective
Renee Garbe
Social Work (PHD)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/84187564603
9:00 am Online
Deep Hierarchical Reconstruction Net-based technique for Open-Set Recognition.
Kalyan Ainala
Electrical Engineering (MS)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/my/kainala
9:00 am Online
End-to-end Performance Benchmarking of High-Speed Memory Access in Deep Learning
Manvitha Pannala
Electrical Engineering (MS)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/6023637255
9:00 am Online
Implementing Performance-Based Design in the Structural Engineering Industry
Cole Maurer
Civil, Environmental and Sustainable Engineering (MS)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/2878692608
9:00 am Online
Functional Studies of Interactions in Proteins
Akanksha Singh
Chemistry (PHD)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/81845158268
9:00 am Online
Interdisciplinary Approaches to Forensic Linguistic Analysis and Medieval Manuscript Studies: Developing a Working Framework for Research
Angela Schrader
Linguistics and Applied Linguistics (PHD)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/8758376497
9:00 am Online
De Re Beliefs and Evidence in Legal Cases
Samuel Thomas
Philosophy (MA)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/82630121434
9:00 am Online
Engineering Synthetic Coculture Systems for Enhanced Bioproduction Applications
Andrew Flores
Chemical Engineering (PHD)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/89180899011
9:30 am Online
Materials Chemistry of Two-Dimensional Nanosheets: Liquid Exfoliation and Surface Functionalization
Yuqi Guo
Materials Science and Engineering (PHD)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/7790300033
10:00 am Online
Master's Thesis Defense - Rajeshree Varma Topic : Energy Absorption of Multi-Material Cellular Structures
Rajeshree Varma
Mechanical Engineering (MS)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/82323595447
10:00 am Online
Analysis of Haitian Construction Contract
Emmeline St George
Construction Management and Technology (MS)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/86567161333
10:00 am Online
Geology of the Hassayampa River Canyon Area, Wickenburg, Arizona
Holly Brown
Geological Sciences (MS)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/88244509503
10:00 am ASU Sync
Exercise, genistein, and their combined effect on gut microbiota and mitochondrial oxidative capacity after 12-week of a Western diet on C57BL/6 adult mice.
Exercise and Nutritional Sciences (PHD)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/82156937750
Wexford 304
10:00 am Online
Building-Integrated Carbon Capture: A Study on the Design and Potential of Carbon Emission Offsets from Buildings
Fahad Ben Salamah
Design, Environment and the Arts (Design) (PHD)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/85418650147
10:00 am Online
The Best Possible Life in Prison: Aspects of Life Satisfaction Among Incarcerated Men
Madison Sutton
Criminology and Criminal Justice (MS)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/7039303752
10:00 am Online
Plant Intelligence and Communication: distributed, non-hierarchical systems as models for music composition and networked sound installations
Devin Arne
Music (Interdisciplinary Digital Media) (DMA)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/89044110586
10:30 am Online
Language Conditioned Self-Driving Cars Using environmental object descriptions for controlling cars
Nithish Balachandar Moudhgalya Nolastname
Computer Science (MS)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/89674539630
10:30 am Online
Understanding Emotional Experiences and Partner Relationships Among Individuals with Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures
Lucia Villarreal
Psychology (MS)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/5666414686
10:30 am Online
Pause for Thought: A Pilot Comparative Study of Pause Placement Amongst Native, Heritage, and Non-Native Speakers
Mary Kennedy
Linguistics and Applied Linguistics (MA)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/86963255267
10:30 am Online
Generalized modeling and Experimental Validation of Flexural Response in Cement-Based Composites
Chidchanok Pleesudjai
Civil, Environmental and Sustainable Engineering (MS)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/2846387159
11:00 am Online
Cuerpos de Fuerza y Resistencia: Dismantling the United States - Mexico Border in the Work of Ana Teresa Fernández and Margarita Cabrera
Ariana Enriquez
Art (Art History) (MA)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/83286711327
11:00 am Online
Inclusive Housing and Social Justice: Creating a Community-Centered Approach to Housing Policy
Anders Moen
Social Justice and Human Rights (MA)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/85919890087
11:00 am Online
Electron Microscopy Characterization of GaN-on-GaN Vertical Power Devices
Prudhvi Ram Peri
Materials Science and Engineering (PHD)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/81660877659
11:00 am Online
Optimal Control for Lunar Tumbling Robot
Chris Breaux
Robotics and Autonomous Systems (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering) (MS)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/83289223939
11:00 am Online
Destination Development Programs in the United States: Emergence and Futures
Daniel Clasen
Community Resources and Development (MS)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/84099857142
11:00 am Online
Controlling Silver Release from Antibacterial Surface Coatings on Stainless Steel for Biofouling Control
Kiarash Ranjbari
Civil, Environmental and Sustainable Engineering (MS)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/81779899272?pwd=cTJUM0E0cTlOSHFIcHovaWJ4eU9FQT09
11:00 am Online
Compassionate leadership at work: Cultivating compassion by reducing uncertainty, crafting emotion rules, and aligning compassionate action
Cristopher Tietsort
Communication (PHD)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/86342068290
11:00 am Online
Predicting Student Dropout in Self-paced MOOC Courses
Sheran Dass Dominic Ravichandran
Software Engineering (MS)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/7355426020
11:30 am Online
Translating Multilingualism into National Languages: The Case of German Turkish Author Emine Sevgi Özdamar's Mutterzunge
Ayse Kevser Arslan
English (MA)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/89969684817
12:00 pm Online
Analyzing, Understanding, and Improving Predicted Variable Names in Decompiled Binary Code
Ati Priya Bajaj
Computer Science (MS)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/88433992116?pwd=c2VvN3BSR3VQWUl4TEM0R1RqQ1A2dz09
12:00 pm Online
Phoneme Discrimination between Native Mandarin and Native English Speakers
Hao Chen
Psychology (MS)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/82718614484
12:00 pm Online
Bayesian Nonparametric Reinforcement Learning in Wi-Fi and LTE Coexistence
Po-Kan Shih
Electrical Engineering (MS)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/83595158755
12:30 pm Online
Keeping in School Shape: A Descriptive and Interpretive Analysis of the Activity of Ten Students in a Calculus Review Program Conducted Over an Academic Break
Jana Vandenberg
Mathematics (MA)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/85673407739
12:30 pm Online
Conspecific aggression in Apis melifera: reconsidering what are ¿desirable¿ and ¿undesirable¿ conspecifics
Jonathan Jackson
Biology (PHD)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/84149829410
1:00 pm Online
Development of Gas Diffusion layers to improve the lower and higher relative humidity performance of the proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Nitin Chauhan
Mechanical Engineering (MS)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/4262137043
1:00 pm Online
Exploration of Algorithms Related to Independent Sets of Steiner Triple Systems
Zhaomeng Wang
Computer Science (MS)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/8188895114
1:00 pm Online
Dynamics and predictability of large-scale atmospheric waves
Girish Nigamanth Raghunathan
Mechanical Engineering (PHD)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/84007574629
1:00 pm Online
Optimization Based Verification and Synthesis for Safe Autonomy
Shakiba Yaghoubi
Computer Engineering (Computer Systems) (PHD)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/81639057631
1:00 pm Online
The geometry of 1-cusped and 2-cusped Picard modular groups
David Polletta
Mathematics (PHD)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/86720901676
1:00 pm Online
Characterizing Atmospheric Turbulence and Removing Distortion in Long Range Imaging
Cameron Whyte
Mathematics (MA)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/3260772970
1:00 pm Online
The value of patrol-driven intelligence-led policing: Evaluating the perceptions of, communication within, and impacts of the Phoenix Police Department's Intelligence Officer Program
A Bottema
Criminology and Criminal Justice (PHD)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/82465045120
1:00 pm Online
Gender, Sex, and Violence: Women and the Process of Enslavement in Pre-Columbian Mexica Society
Jennifer Rodriguez
History (MA)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/86481478253
1:00 pm Online
Between Remembering and Forgetting: US Public Memory of the Frontier in Buildings, Objects, and Videogames
Emily Robinson
English (Writing, Rhetorics, and Literacies) (PHD)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/81482125537
1:00 pm Online
SA128 - A Smart Data Compression Technique for Columnar Databases based on Characteristics of Data
Sukhpreet Anand
Software Engineering (MS)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/89010837181
1:30 pm Online
Slavery in Thought and Action: Reconciling the Duality of John Locke
Caroline Cundiff
History (MA)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/84509247988
2:00 pm Online
Imaging and Targeting with Optics and Acoustics
Christopher Miranda
Biomedical Engineering (PHD)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/7138414695
2:00 pm Online
3D Printing of stainless steel 316L for corrosive and low-pressure environments
Venkata Krishnan Sampath
Chemical Engineering (MS)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/2086788579
2:00 pm Online
A Floristic Survey of the Arizona Center for Nature Conservation (Phoenix Zoo)
Zachery Berry
Plant Biology and Conservation (MS)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/8263033438
2:00 pm Online
Is it Significant?: Examining the Relationship between the Racial Identity Statuses and Academic Motivation Styles of African-American College Students
Vincent Anderson
Community Resources and Development (PHD)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/84637117689
2:00 pm Online
A Comparison of Two Approaches for Constructing Exact Designs for Mixed Binary and Continuous Responses.
Bayan Abdullah
Statistics (MS)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/6679592619
2:30 pm Online
Examining User Engagement via Facial Expressions in Augmented Reality with Dynamic Time Warping
Kushal Reddy Papakannu
Computer Science (MS)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/9374522780
2:30 pm Online
The Engineering of Charge density waves in Lanthanum based layered tellurides through synthesis and characterization
Yashika Attarde
Materials Science and Engineering (MS)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/81418143840
3:00 pm Online
Reexamining Underutilized Keyboard Percussion Instruments in Contemporary Music Through Collaboration: Commissioning Three New Works for Unaccompanied and Accompanied Xylophone and Glockenspiel
Egha Kusuma
Music (Performance) (DMA)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/2094621839
3:00 pm ASU Sync
Legionella Biofilm Formation Potential on Different Pipe Materials used for Low Nutrient Municipality Tap Water
Samuel Greenberg
Chemical Engineering (MS)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/83040776074
Interdisciplinary Sci/Tech IV 396
3:00 pm Online
Evaluation of Machine Learning Algorithms for Modeling Therapist Assistance during Gait Rehabilitation
Mason Smith
Engineering (MS)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/82435378955
3:00 pm Online
Data-Driven Abstraction and Model Discrimination Techniques with Applications to Intent Estimation of Autonomous Systems
Mohit Bhagwat
Robotics and Autonomous Systems (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering) (MS)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/82091647041
3:00 pm Online
Exploring Creative Arts and Youth Sports Programming: A Qualitative study
Rebecca Varney
Community Resources and Development (MS)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/2026800065
3:00 pm Online
Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Macrophage fusion
Arnat Balabiyev
Molecular and Cellular Biology (PHD)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/81580578293
3:00 pm Online
Culturing Methanogenic Archaea from Tropical Peatlands: Alternative Approaches to Retrieve Broader Isolate Diversity
Jillian Ayers
Microbiology (MS)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/82875044196
3:00 pm Online
Remembering a Nation's Historic Property: Ambiguities, Opportunities, and Poetries in the National Historic Preservation Act
Ashley Wheeler
Communication (PHD)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/81425141214
3:00 pm Online
Lossless Data Compression by Representing Data as a Solution to the Diophantine Equations
Karandeep Singh Grewal
Software Engineering (MS)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/81169739135
3:00 pm Online
Peyote: A Decolonial Analysis of Religious Freedom and Indigeneity
Harrison Rosenberg
Religious Studies (MA)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/82944809746
3:30 pm Online
Secure Communication for Smart Home Environments Using Blockchain
Anna Vuong
Computer Science (Cybersecurity) (MS)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/81292256099
3:30 pm Online
Combating Assumption in A 'Fluid Myth' Classroom
Lily Newcomb
English (MA)
Virtual Meeting Link: Hi there, Lily Newcomb is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Topic: Lily Newcomb's Personal Meeting Room Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: https://asu.zoom.us/j/4049490576 Or Telephone: Dial (for higher quality, dial a number bas
4:00 pm Online
Effects of Particle and Environmental Variables on Rheology and Interaction of Granular Materials
Spandana Vajrala
Materials Science and Engineering (PHD)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/82271994781
4:00 pm Online
Soft Wearable Robotics for Ankle and Gait Rehabilitation: Design, Modeling, and Implementation of Fabric-Based Actuators to Assist Human Locomotion
Carly Thalman
Systems Engineering (PHD)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/88026295978
4:00 pm Online
A Qualitative Systematic Review on Music Training Programs for Enhancing Cochlear Implant Users' Music Appreciation
Jacynda Gellhaus
Auditory and Language Neuroscience (MS)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/85030163561
5:00 pm Online
Augmenting Academic Research Search And Reading With Richer Context
Valay Gaurang Dave
Computer Science (MS)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/8385434767
Week of April 18 - 24, 2021Monday, April 193:00 pm Online
Utilization of Underground Space of Megacities in China
Binqing Wu
Construction Management and Technology (MS)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/84602289487
Tuesday, April 202:00 pm Online
Juvenile interrogation practices: Do they vary by perceptions of juveniles suspects?
Lakia Faison
Psychology (MS)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/6442545387
Friday, April 2310:00 am Online
Block and tackle or interfere: Student-athletes identities and well-being
Jorge Ballesteros
Counseling Psychology (PHD)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu-health.zoom.us/j/82313325447?pwd=c2tsTlV1OWZ6emVXaVJ1ck52a2R4UT09
Week of April 25 - May 01, 2021Monday, April 2610:00 am ASU Sync
Physical Activity and Mental Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Marianna Kaneris
Psychology (MS)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/8865994338
Faculty Administration Bldg S101
Wednesday, April 283:00 pm Online
Top versus Bottom Saliency Bias in Object and Scene Perception
Matthew Langley
Psychology (MA)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/7484512792
Week of May 09 - 15, 2021Tuesday, May 1112:00 pm Online
Physiological transmission in romantic partners in stressor and enjoyment conversations: The moderation of partner interdependence
Gabriel Leon
Counseling (MC)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/85413701317
Thursday, May 1311:00 am Online
Disaster Analytics for Critical Infrastructures (DACI): Methods and Algorithms for Modeling Disasters and Plan Proactive Recovery
Alireza Inanlouganji
Industrial Engineering (PHD)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/81934404960
12:00 pm Online
What really matters for Heaviness Perception?
Morgan Waddell
Psychology (PHD)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/81202456223
Week of May 23 - 29, 2021Friday, May 281:00 pm Online
Imaging and Estimation of Electrical Properties of Materials with Synchrophasors, Electric Fields, and Machine Learning
Zachary Drummond
Electrical Engineering (PHD)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/7865081722
Week of May 30 - June 05, 2021Tuesday, June 013:00 pm Online
Climate sensitivity in mature versus pre-reproductive saguaro determined from spine isotopic signals
Isabella De Leon
Biology (Biology and Society) (MS)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/89710729738?pwd=enI3dnowcmp3NWlPRFlDMnJtZlgwdz09 Password: 299501
Week of June 06 - 12, 2021Wednesday, June 0911:00 am Online
Avoiding Technological Lock-in at Army Futures Command: Using Science, Technology, and Society Studies Theories to Plan Future Military Doctrine and Technology
Sean McCafferty
Human and Social Dimensions of Science and Technology (PHD)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/85749680762
2:30 pm Online
Literacies at Play: Digital-age Literacies in High School Esports
Luis Perez Cortes
Learning, Literacies and Technologies (PHD)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/84714614685
Week of June 20 - 26, 2021Thursday, June 2411:00 am Online
Atomic-resolution In Situ and Operando Visualization of Oxygen Transfer Reactions over CeO2-supported Pt Catalysts
Joshua Vincent
Chemical Engineering (PHD)
Virtual Meeting Link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/81709697054