Business Administration (Computer and Information Systems) PhD

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Name Title Email Address Endorsement Phone
Benjamin, VictorAssistant Professor Member
Chen, Pei-yuChair & Professor Chair480/965-8676
Dawson, GregoryClinical Professor, MY Member480/965-8048
Han, Sang PilAssociate Professor Chair480/965-8603
Kulkarni, UdayAssoc Professor Chair480/965-6191
Liu, XiaoAsst Professor Member
Pye, JessicaAssistant Professor Member
Roy, AsimProfessor Chair480/965-6324
Santanam, RaghuProfessor Chair480/965-8977
Shao, BenjaminAssoc Dean for Asia-Pacific Pr Chair480/727-6790
Shi, ZhanAssoc Professor Chair480/965-8488
Shin, DonghyukAsst Professor Member480/727-2852
St Louis, RobertEmeritus Professor Chair480/965-1440
Steinbart, PaulEmeritus Professor Chair
Vinze, AjayEmeritus Professor Chair
WU, Shin-yiAssociate Professor Chair480/965-9067
Zhang, ZhongjuProfessor Chair480/965-9407