Business Administration (Supply Chain Management) PhD

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Name Title Email Address Endorsement Phone
Byers, ReynoldClinical Professor Member480/965-9488
Carter, CraigProfessor Chair
Carter, JosephEmeritus Dean Chair480/965-0002
Choi, ThomasProfessor Chair480/965-6135
Dooley, KevinProfessor Chair480/965-6833
Eftekhar, MahyarAssistant Professor Co-Chair480/727-3903
Fowler, JohnProfessor Chair480/965-4330
Gopalakrishnan, MohanChair (FSC) & Associate Profes Chair480/965-3604
Kull, ThomasAssociate Professor Chair480/965-6125
Li, HongminAssociate Professor Chair480/965-2232
Maltz, ArnoldEmeritus Professor Chair480/965-9768
Mohan, SrimathyAssociate Professor Member480/965-6354
Oke, AdegokeAssociate Professor Member480/965-3105
Pfund, MicheleAssociate Dean & Clinical Prof Member480/965-6409
Printezis, AntoniosClinical Assoc Prof, MY Member602/543-6121
Rabinovich, ElliotJohn G. and Barbara A. Bebblin Chair480/965-5398
Rogers, DaleProfessor Chair480/965-1456
Schneller, EugeneProfessor Chair
Wang, YiminAssociate Professor Member480/965-3888
Webster, ScottProfessor Chair
Yin, RuiAssociate Professor Member480/965-2998