Educational Policy and Evaluation PhD

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Name Title Email Address Endorsement Phone
Anderson, KatherineAssociate Division Director & Chair480/965-6738
Archambault, LeannaAssoc Professor Chair602/543-6338
Arici Barab, AnnaAsst Research Professor (FSC) Member480/965-0211
Artiles, AlfredoDean & Professor Chair480/965-7279
Arzubiaga, AngelaAssoc Professor Chair480/965-1882
Barnard, WendyDirector + Admin Professional Member480/727-1362
Barnett, JulietAssoc Professor Co-Chair480/727-3263
Beardsley, AudreyProfessor Chair
Berliner, DavidResearch Professor Chair480/861-0484
Bernstein, BiancaProfessor Chair480/965-2920
Bernstein, KatherineAsst Professor Member
Bertrand, MelanieAssociate Professor Member
Bitter, GaryProfessor Chair480/965-4960
Bozeman, BarryRegents Professor Chair
Brayboy, BryanProfessor Chair480/965-5327
Carlson, DavidAssoc Professor Chair
Chen, Ying-ChihAsst Professor Member
Danzig, ArnoldEmeritus Professor Chair602/496-0444
Dorn, ShermanDivision Dir (FSC) & Professor Chair602/543-6379
Douglas, IanProfessor of Practice (FSC)RMY Member
Elliott, StephenProfessor Chair480/965-8712
Farrand, KathleenAsst Professor Member
Fischman, GustavoProfessor Chair480/965-5225
Foulger, TeresaAssoc Professor Member602/543-6420
Garcia, DavidAssoc Professor Chair
Gee, ElisabethDelbert & Jewell Lewis Chair i Member480/965-4284
Glass, GeneEmeritus Professor Chair
Gonzalez, JosueEmeritus Professor Co-Chair480/965-7134
Graham, StephenMary Emily Warner Professorshi Member480/965-7259
Gray, ShelleyProfessor Chair480/965-6796
Guzzetti, BarbaraProfessor Chair480/965-1890
Harris, KarenMary Emily Warner Professorshi Chair480/727-7533
Harris, LaurenAssoc Professor Co-Chair480/965-6692
Henriksen, DanahAsst Professor Member
Herrera, RichardAssoc Professor Co-Chair480/965-1331
Jordan, MichelleAssoc Professor Chair480/965-9663
Judson, EugeneAssoc Professor Chair480/727-5216
Kelley, MichaelAssoc Professor Member480/727-7203
Kganetso, LynneAssistant Professor Member
Kim, JeongeunAsst Professor Member480/727-2425
Kinach, BarbaraAssoc Professor Member480/727-1283
Kleinsasser, RobertAssoc Professor Member480/727-0679
Koro, MirkaProgram Director of Doctoral P Chair480/727-7725
Krause, StephenProfessor Chair480/965-2050
Kulinna, PamelaProfessor Chair480/727-1767
Kurz, TerriAssoc Professor Member
Lee, Mi YeonAsst Professor Member480/727-9376
Liou, Daniel Dinn-YouAssociate Professor Member
Margolis, EricGraduate External Committee - Chair480/965-0131
Marley, ScottAssoc Professor Member
Marsh, JosephineAssoc Professor Member480/727-4453
Mathur, SarupProfessor Member480/965-6893
Matsuda, AyaAssoc Professor Chair480/965-7504
McCarty, TeresaEmeritus Professor Chair480/965-6292
McCoy, KathleenEmeritus Professor Member480/965-6198
McGuire, KeonAssistant Professor Chair480/965-8758
McGurty, IvetaDirector, Center for Advanced Chair
Meltzer, DavidAssoc Professor Member
Mertler, CraigAssoc Professor Chair602/543-2829
Moses, LindseyAssoc Professor Chair
Nakagawa, KathrynAssoc Professor Chair480/965-0582
O'Connor, BrendanAsst Professor Co-Chair480/727-4741
Oakes, WendyAssociate Professor Member
Ott, MollyAssociate Professor Chair
Ovando, CarlosEmeritus Professor Chair480/727-8619
Park, HyejinAsst Professor Member480/727-3926
Pivovarova, MargaritaAsst Professor Chair
Powers, JeanneAssoc Professor Chair480/965-0841
Puckett, KathleenAssoc Professor Member480/727-5206
Rillero, PeterAssoc Professor Member602/543-6316
Roen, DuaneDean & Professor Chair480/727-1415
Rotheram-Fuller, ErinAssoc Professor Member
Sandlin, JenniferProfessor Chair
Savenye, WilhelminaEmeritus Professor Chair480/403-1535
Scott, KimberlyProfessor Chair480/965-5380
Serafini, FrankProfessor Member602/543-8198
Swadener, ElizabethProfessor Chair480/965-1452
Tatto, MariaProfessor Chair
Valverde, LeonardEmeritus Professor Chair480/965-3684
Wiley, TerrenceEmeritus Professor Chair480/965-6357
Wilkinson, ChristineSr VP/Sec of Univ & Asc Prof Chair480/965-7782
Wylie, RuthAssistant Director of The Cent Member480/727-5175
Zheng, YiAsst Professor Member
Zucker, StanleyProfessor Member480/965-1449
Zuiker, StevenAsst Professor Member480/965-4673