Educational Policy and Evaluation PhD

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Name Title Email Address Endorsement Phone
Anderson, KatherineAssociate Professor Chair480/965-6738
Archambault, LeannaProfessor Chair602/543-6338
Artiles, AlfredoEmeritus Professor Chair480/965-7279
Arzubiaga, AngelaAssoc Professor Chair480/965-1882
Barnard, WendyDirector Member
Barnett, JulietProfessor Co-Chair480/727-3263
Basile, CaroleDean & Professor Chair480/965-3463
Beardsley, AudreyProfessor Chair
Beghetto, RonaldProfessor, Pinnacle West Presi Chair
Benedict, AmberAssistant Professor Co-Chair
Berliner, DavidProfessor Emeritus Chair480/861-0484
Bernstein, BiancaEmeritus Professor Chair480/965-2920
Bernstein, KatherineAssociate Professor Member
Bitter, GaryEmeritus Professor Chair14802215696
Borman, GeoffreyAlice Wiley Snell Professor Chair
Boyce, AyeshaAssociate Professor Chair
Bozeman, BarryEmeritus Professor Chair
Brayboy, BryanEmeritus Professor Chair480/965-5327
Carlson, DavidProfessor Chair
Carrillo, JuanAssociate Professor Member
Cervantes Soon, ClaudiaAssociate Professor Chair
Chen, Ying-ChihAssociate Professor Chair
Clark, HeatherResearch Specialist Prin Co-Chair
Danzig, ArnoldEmeritus Professor Chair602/496-0444
Dogan, ShylaAssistant Professor Member602/543-4605
Dorn, ShermanProfessor Chair602/543-6379
Elliott, StephenProfessor Chair480/965-8712
Farrand, KathleenAssociate Professor Member
Fischman, GustavoProfessor & MLFTC Scholarly Pu Chair480/965-5225
Foulger, TeresaProfessor Member602/543-6420
Garcia, DavidAssociate Professor Chair
Gee, ElisabethAssociate Dean, Academic Syste Member480/965-4284
Glass, GeneEmeritus Professor Chair
Gonzalez, JosueEmeritus Professor Co-Chair480/965-7134
Graham, StephenRegents Professor, Mary Emily Member480/965-7259
Gray, ShelleyProfessor Chair480/965-6796
Hailu, MeseretAssistant Professor Member
Harris, KarenSUM/WTR Faculty Research Chair480/727-7533
Harris, LaurenAssociate Professor Co-Chair
Henriksen, DanahAssociate Professor Member
Herrera, RichardEmeritus Professor Co-Chair
Jordan, MichelleAssociate Professor Chair480/965-9663
Judson, EugeneProfessor Chair602/741-1754
Kaveh, MarziehAssistant Professor Chair
Kelley, MichaelEmeritus Professor Member480/727-7203
Kinach, BarbaraAssociate Professor Member480/727-1283
Kleinsasser, RobertAssociate Professor Member480/727-0679
Koro, MirkaProfessor Chair480/727-7725
Koyama, JillVice Dean, Educational Leaders Chair480/965-7652
Krause, StephenProfessor Chair480/965-2050
Kulinna, PamelaProfessor Chair480/727-1767
Kurz, AlexanderAssociate Research Professor Member480 965 7690
Kurz, TerriAssociate Professor Member
Lee, Mi YeonAssociate Professor Member480/727-9376
Liou, Daniel Dinn-YouAssociate Professor Member
Maddin, BrentExecutive Director, Workforce Member
Marley, ScottAssociate Professor Member
Marsh, JosephineAssociate Director, Doctoral ( Member480/727-4453
Mathur, SarupRyan Courtney Harris Memorial Chair480/965-6893
Matsuda, AyaProfessor Chair480/965-7504
McCarty, TeresaEmeritus Professor Chair480/965-6292
McGurty, IvetaAssociate Dean of Global Engag Chair
Meltzer, DavidAssoc Professor Member
Mishra, PunyashlokeAssociate Dean of Scholarship Member
Mlambo, YeukaiExecutive Director, Africa Ini Member
Moses, LindseyAssociate Professor Chair
Nakagawa, KathrynEmeritus Professor Chair480/965-0582
O'Connor, BrendanAssoc Professor Co-Chair
Oakes, WendyAssociate Director of Graduate Member
Ott, MollyAssociate Professor Chair
Ovando, CarlosEmeritus Professor Chair480/727-8619
Pivovarova, MargaritaAssociate Director, Doctoral P Chair
Powers, JeanneProfessor Chair
Puckett, KathleenAssociate Professor Member
Rillero, PeterAssociate Professor Chair602/543-6316
Ross, LydiaAssistant Professor Member
Rotheram-Fuller, ErinAssociate Professor Member
Sampson, CarrieAssociate Professor Chair
Sandlin, JenniferProfessor Chair
Savenye, WilhelminaEmeritus Professor Chair480/403-1535
Scott, KimberlyProfessor Chair480/965-5380
Serafini, FrankProfessor Member602/543-8198
Swadener, ElizabethEmeritus Professor Chair480/965-1452
Tachine, AmandaAssistant Professor Co-Chair480/727-4421
Tatto, MariaProfessor Chair
Thompson, NicoleVice Dean, Division of Teacher Chair
Valverde, LeonardEmeritus Professor Chair480/965-3684
Weinberg, AndreaAssociate Professor Co-Chair
Wiley, TerrenceEmeritus Professor Chair480/965-6357
Wilkinson, ChristineSr VP/Sec of Univ & Asc Prof Chair480/965-7782
Wylie, RuthAssistant Center Director + As Member480/727-5175
Zheng, YiAssociate Professor Member
Zucker, StanleyEmeritus Professor Member
Zuiker, StevenAssociate Professor Member602/496-8372