Curriculum and Instruction (Special Education) PhD

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Name Title Email Address Endorsement Phone
Artiles, AlfredoEmeritus Professor Chair480/965-7279
DiGangi, SamuelAssociate Professor Chair480/965-2047
Graham, StephenRegents Professor, Mary Emily Chair480/965-7259
Gray, ShelleyProfessor Member480/965-6796
Harris, KarenEmeritus Professor Co-Chair480/727-7533
Koro, MirkaProgram Director, Doctoral Pro Chair480/727-7725
Malian, IdaAssociate Dean for Academic Sy Chair480 965 6582
Mathur, SarupRyan Courtney Harris Memorial Chair480/965-6893
McCoy, KathleenEmeritus Professor Chair480/965-6198
Savenye, WilhelminaEmeritus Professor Chair480/403-1535
Swadener, ElizabethEmeritus Professor Chair480/965-1452
Wilcox, MarthaProfessor Chair480/965-0158
Zucker, StanleyProfessor Chair480/965-1449