Data Science, Analytics and Engineering PhD

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Name Title Email Address Endorsement Phone
Alkhateeb, AhmedAsst Professor Chair
Allee, DavidProfessor Chair480/965-6470
Arenz, ChristianAsst Professor Chair
Askin, RonaldProfessor Chair
Banerjee, ImonGraduate External Committee - Emory School of Medicine Co-Chair480/574-2259
Baral, ChittaProfessor Chair480/727-6047
Bazzi, RidaAssoc Professor Chair480/965-2796
Berisha, VisarAssoc Professor Chair480/747-6455
Bertsekas, DimitriProfessor Chair
Bliss, DanielProfessor Chair480/965-3913
Bryan, ChrisAsst Professor Chair
Byeon, GeunyeongAsst Professor Chair
Candan, KasimProfessor Chair480/965-2770
Cao, YuProfessor Chair480/965-1472
Cao, ZhichaoAssistant Professor Chair
Chakrabarti, ChaitaliProfessor Chair480/965-9516
Chen, YinongTeaching Professor Co-Chair480/965-2769
Choi, Yoo JungAsst Professor Chair602/496-4405
Colbourn, CharlesProfessor Chair
Dasarathy, GautamAsst Professor Chair480/965-5035
Escobedo, AdolfoAsst Professor Chair480/965-5248
Espanol, MalenaAsst Professor Chair
Fainekos, GeorgiosAssoc Professor Chair480/965-8267
Fan, DeliangAssoc Professor Chair480/727-1922
Forrest, StephanieCenter Director & Professor Chair480/727-0492
Fricks, JohnAssoc Professor Chair
Gary, KevinAssoc Professor Chair480/727-1373
Guo, ShenghanAsst Professor Chair480/727-5120
Hahn, PaulAssoc Professor Chair
Hasan, RakibulAsst Professor Chair
Hedman, MojdehAsst Professor Chair
Iquebal, AshifAsst Professor Chair
Jayasuriya, SurenAsst Professor Chair
Ju, FengAssoc Professor Chair
Kao, Ming-HungAssoc Professor Chair480/965-3466
Klein-Seetharaman, JudithProfessor Co-Chair602/543-4674
Ko, HyunwoongAsst Professor Chair
Kosut, OliverAssoc Professor Chair480/727-6020
Lai, Ying-ChengRegents Professor Chair
Lan, ShiweiAsst Professor Chair480/727-5311
Lee, HeewookAssistant Professor Chair
Lee, KookjinAsst Professor Chair
LiKamWa, RobertAssoc Professor Chair
Li, BaoxinAssoc Dir (ACD) & Professor Chair480/965-1735
Maciejewski, RossSchool Dir (ACD) & Professor Chair480/965-2785
McCulloch, RobertProfessor Chair
Michael, KatinaProfessor Chair480/965-6316
Michelusi, NicoloAsst Professor Chair
Mirchandani, PituProfessor Chair
Mittelmann, HansResearch Professor Chair480/965-6595
Montgomery, DouglasRegents Professor Chair480/965-3836
Motsch, SebastienAssoc Professor Chair480/965-2230
Nedich, AngeliaProfessor Chair480 9659019
Pan, RongAssoc Professor Chair480/965-4259
Papandreou-Suppappola, AntoniaProfessor Chair480/965-7881
Pavlic, TheodoreAssoc Professor Chair480/965-2899
Pedrielli, GiuliaAssoc Professor Chair
Platte, RodrigoAssoc Professor Chair
Reiser, MarkAssoc Professor Chair480/965-5486
Ren, FengboAssoc Professor Chair480/727-5793
Renaut, RosemaryProfessor Chair480/965-3795
Richa, AndreaPresident's Professor Chair480/965-7555
Runger, GeorgeProfessor Chair480/965-3193
Sankar, LalithaAssoc Professor Chair480/965-4953
Seo, Jae-sunAssoc Professor Chair480/727-2660
Shakarian, PauloAssoc Professor Chair
Shrivastava, AviralProfessor Chair480/727-6509
Si, JennieProfessor Chair480/965-6133
Spanias, AndreasProfessor Chair480/965-1837
Srivastava, SiddharthAsst Professor Chair480/727-7451
Su, YiGraduate External Committee - Banner Alzheimer's Institute Co-Chair602/839-0722
Syrotiuk, VioletAssoc Professor Chair480/965-7034
Tepedelenlioglu, CihanAssoc Professor Chair480/965-6623
Turaga, PavanDirector (FSC) & Professor Chair480/965-3704
Wang, AndiAsst Professor Chair
Wang, YalinAssoc Professor Chair480/965-6871
Welfert, BrunoAssoc Professor Chair
Weng, YangAsst Professor Chair
Wu, TeresaProfessor Chair480/965-4157
Xiao, ChaoweiAsst Professor Chair
Xue, GuoliangProfessor Chair480/965-6218
Yan, HaoProfessor Chair480/727-8570
Yang, YezhouAssoc Professor Chair480/727-0741
Ye, NongProfessor Chair
Zhang, YanchaoProfessor Chair480/727-0039
Zhao, MingAssoc Professor Chair480 7277850
Zheng, YiAssociate Professor Chair
Zou, JiaAsst Professor Chair