Manufacturing Engineering PhD

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Name Title Email Address Endorsement Phone
Aukes, DanielAsst Professor Chair
Azeredo, BrunoAsst Professor Chair480/727-3974
Bhate, DhruvAssoc Professor Chair
Chen, XiangfanAsst Professor Chair
Dehghan-Niri, EhsanAssoc Professor Chair602/543-3463
Guo, ShenghanAsst Professor Chair480/727-5120
Ko, HyunwoongAsst Professor Chair
McDaniel, TroyAsst Professor Chair480/727-1063
Seetharaman, SridharVice Dean for Research and Inn Chair
Song, KenanAsst Professor Chair480/727-2720
Starly, BinilSchool Dir (ACD) & Professor Chair602/543-4019
Sugar, ThomasPresident's Professor Chair480/727-1127
Wang, AndiAsst Professor Chair
Yang, SuiAsst Professor Chair602/543-4295
Zhang, WenlongAssoc Professor Chair