Human and Social Dimensions of Science and Technology PhD

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Name Title Email Address Endorsement Phone
Adamson, JoniPresident's Professor Co-Chair602/592-7868
Aganaba, TimiebiAsst Professor Co-Chair
Agloro, AlexandrinaAsst Professor Co-Chair
Allenby, BradenPresident's Professor Chair480/727-8594
Anderies, JohnProfessor Chair480/965-6518
Anderson, DerrickAssociate Professor Co-Chair480/727-2337
Archambault, LeannaProfessor Co-Chair602/543-6338
Armendt, BradEmeritus Professor Chair
Avina, AlexanderAssoc Professor Member480/965-5162
Ayton-Shenker, DianaProfessor of Practice (FSC) Member
Barab, SashaProfessor Chair480/727-5674
Bell, JamesProfessor Member480/965-1044
Bennett, GaymonAssoc Professor Chair
Bennett, IraDirector, Federal Research Eng Member
Boradkar, PrasadEmeritus Professor Member480/965-8685
Bowman, DianaAssoc Dean (ACD) for Applied R Chair
Bozeman, BarryEmeritus Professor Chair
Breetz, HannaAssistant Professor Member
Brian, Jennifer Member480/727-3592
Brunhaver, SamanthaAsst Professor Member480/727-1883
Calhoun, CraigUniversity Professor of Social Chair480/727-7717
Cheong, PaulineProfessor Co-Chair480/965-8730
Chew, MatthewFaculty Assoc Member480/965-8422
Chhetri, NaliniClinical Professor, MY (FSC) Co-Chair480/727-0745
Chhetri, NetraProfessor Chair480/727-0747
Cook-Deegan, RobertProfessor Chair202/446-0395
Corley, ElizabethProfessor Chair602/496-0462
Creath, RichardPresident's Professor Chair480/965-6270
Dabars, WilliamSr Research Fellow for Univ De Member480/965-8239
Duarte, MarisaAssoc Professor Chair480/965-7631
Ellison, KarinClinical Professor Co-Chair480/727-7111
Farooque, MahmudClinical Assoc Professor Co-Chair202/446-0397
Feeney, MaryProfessor Chair602/496-1432
Finn, EdwardCenter Dir (ACD) & Asc Profsr Chair480/727-0710
Fisher, ErikAssoc Professor Chair480/965-9744
Fonow, MaryEmeritus Professor Chair480/965-2351
Frow, EmmaAssoc Professor Chair480/727-7798
Gaughan, MonicaProfessor Chair480/727-9973
Grossman, GaryAssoc Professor Chair480/727-9533
Gur-Arie, RachelAssistant Professor Member
Guston, DavidAssociate Vice Provost for Dis Chair480/727-8829
Gutkind, LeeEmeritus Professor Chair
Hernandez-Cortes, DanaeAsst Professor Co-Chair
Hirt, PaulEmeritus Professor Chair480/727-9084
Hoffman, StevenEmeritus Professor Co-Chair480/727-4476
Hosman, LauraAssoc Professor Chair
Hurlbut, JamesAssoc Professor Chair
Hussain, FaheemAsst Professor Member
Jalbert, KirkAsst Professor Chair480/965-1756
Janssen, MarcusProfessor Co-Chair480/727-4641
Jenkins, LekeliaAssoc Professor Chair480/727-4521
Johnston, ErikProfessor Chair
Jones, ChristopherAssoc Professor of History Member480/965-5264
Jordan, ShawnAssoc Professor Chair480/727-1405
Karwat, DarshanAsst Professor Co-Chair480/965-0077
Keeler, LaurenAsst Professor Co-Chair
Kellam, NadiaAssoc Professor Co-Chair480/727-1917
Kinzig, AnnProfessor Chair480/965-6838
Klinsky, SonjaAssociate Professor Member480/727-0834
Koblitz, AnnEmeritus Professor Chair480/965-8483
Kwon, KyoungheeAssoc Professor Co-Chair602/496-5268
Laubichler, ManfredDir & President's Profr Chair
Lynch, John Co-Chair
Maienschein, JaneRegents Professor (FSC) Chair480/965-6105
Mayberry, NicoleAsst Research Professor (FSC) Member
Maynard, AndrewProfessor Chair480/727-8831
Merid, BezaAsst Professor Co-Chair
Michael, KatinaProfessor Chair480/965-6316
Miller, ClarkAssoc Center Dir & Professor Chair480/965-1778
Minteer, BenProfessor Chair480/965-4632
Mishra, PunyashlokeAssociate Dean of Scholarship Co-Chair
Mossberger, KarenCenter Dir (ACD) & Professor Chair602/496-1102
Ostman, RaeResearch Professor Member
Parmentier, Mary JaneClinical Professor, MY Co-Chair480/727-4518
Perrings, CharlesEmeritus Professor Chair480/727-0472
Pine, KathleenAsst Professor Co-Chair602/496-0941
Proferes, NicholasAsst Professor Member
Pyne, StephenEmeritus Professor Chair
Richter, JenniferAsst Professor Chair
Robert, JasonAssoc Professor Chair480/727-8857
Ross, HeatherClinical Associate Professor Co-Chair
Sarewitz, DanielEmeritus Professor Chair202/446-0386
Schweitzer, NicholasAssoc Professor Co-Chair
Scornavacca, EusebioInterim Dir & Professor Chair
Seager, ThomasAssoc Professor Chair
Selin, CynthiaAssoc Professor Chair480/965-4349
Senko, JesseAsst Research Professor Member
Shabazz Sanders, Gregg RashadAssoc Professor Co-Chair
Shutters, ShadeResearch Scientist (FSC) Co-Chair480/278-6098
Smith, AndrewEmeritus Professor Chair480/965-4024
Smith, LindsayAsst Professor Chair505/965-4247
Spackman, ChristyAsst Professor Co-Chair
Sterner, BeckettAsst Professor Member480 727 7881
Tate, LucasManaging Dir + Prof of Pract Member480/965-0380
Tillman, HoytEmeritus Professor Chair
Van Der Leeuw, SanderEmeritus Professor Chair480/965-6214
Vogel, KathleenProfessor Chair602/543-2617
Welch, EricCenter Dir (ACD) & Professor Chair
Wetmore, JamesonAssoc Professor Chair480/727-0750
White, DaveAsc V Pres/Inst Dir ACD & Prof Chair480/727-9234
White, MichaelEmeritus Professor Chair4809650105 9650219
Wiek, ArnimProfessor Chair480/965-2387
Wise, JohnProfessor Chair602/543-6646
Wylie, RuthAssistant Center Director + As Member480/727-5175
Zatz, MarjorieEmeritus Professor Chair480/965-6897