Design, Environment and the Arts PhD

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Name Title Email Address Endorsement Phone
Afanador Pujol, AngelicaAssoc Professor & Program Dire Member
Bender, DianeAssoc Professor Chair
Bolin, RobertEmeritus Professor Member480/965-6421
Boradkar, PrasadEmeritus Professor Co-Chair480/965-8685
Brady, WardEmeritus Professor Chair480/727-1274
Brandt, BeverlyEmeritus Professor Chair
Brock, JohnEmeritus Professor Chair
Brown, ClaudiaProfessor Chair480/965-2409
Bryan, HarveyEmeritus Professor Chair480/965-6094
Chou, JuEmeritus Professor Member480/965-2409
Codell, JulieProfessor Chair
Cook, EdwardEmeritus Professor Chair000/000-0000
Crewe, KatherineEmeritus Professor Chair480/965-6501
Dandekar, HemalataEmeritus Professor Chair480/965-7167
Dantico, MarilynEmeritus Professor Member
Duncan, KateEmeritus Professor Co-Chair480/965-9310
Fahlman, BetsyProfessor Chair480/965-2610
Giard, JacquesEmeritus Professor Chair
Green, DouglasEmeritus Professor Chair
Gumus-Ciftci, HazalAsst Professor Chair
Hegmon, MichelleEmeritus Professor Member480/965-6213
Hejduk, RenataAssoc Professor Chair
Hershauer, JamesEmeritus Professor Chair
Heywood, WilliamAssistant Director of Wellness Co-Chair480/894-6231
Hild, NicholasEmeritus Professor Member480/727-1309
Hoy, MeredithAssoc Professor Member
Jackson, MariaInstitute Professor Chair
Kroelinger, MichaelEmeritus Professor Chair480/213-4774
Lara-Valencia, FranciscoProfessor Co-Chair480/965-9179
Lastovicka, JohnEmeritus Professor Member480/965-0031
Mejia Ramirez, GermanAsst Dir (ACD) & Assoc Profr Chair
Mesch, UlrikeProfessor Chair480/965-8864
Miller, WilliamEmeritus Professor Chair480/727-1288
Mushkatel, AlvinFaculty Assoc Chair
Neveu, MarkProfessor Chair
Ozel, FilizEmeritus Professor Chair480/965-3536
Pijawka, DavidEmeritus Professor Chair480/727-7319
Reddy, T AgamiEmeritus Professor Chair480/727-7417
Sadalla, EdwardEmeritus Professor Member480/965-7508
Schleif, CorineProfessor Chair480/965-3223
Serwint, NancyProgram Dir (ACD) & Assc Profr Chair480/990-7633
Sha, Xin WeiProfessor (FSC) Chair
Taylor, JohannaAssociate Professor & Program Chair
Wentz, ElizabethVice Provost/Dean & Professor Member480/965-7279
Whysong, GaryEmeritus Professor Chair480/727-1263
Yabes, RuthEmeritus Professor Chair480/965-7188
Zygas, KestutisAssoc Professor Co-Chair480/965-6462