Complex Adaptive Systems Sciences – Transdisciplinary Concentration Cluster

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Name Title Email Address Endorsement Phone
Aggarwal, RimjhimProfessor Chair480/965-6680
Allenby, BradenPresident's Professor Member480/727-8594
Aly El Sayed, SaraAsst Research Professor (FSC) Co-Chair
Amazeen, PolemniaProfessor Member480/727-7075
Anderies, JohnProfessor Chair480/965-6518
Arcusa, StephanieAssistant Professor Chair
Armendt, BradEmeritus Professor Chair
Barker, AnnaGraduate External Committee - Member480/727-0898
Barton, C MichaelProfessor Chair480/965-8130
Basile, GeorgeProfessor of Practice (FSC) Chair480/965-7094
Bean, HeatherAssoc Professor Co-Chair480/727-3395
Buetow, KennethDirector (FSC) & Professor Member480/727-9413
Crook, SharonProfessor Chair480/965-0403
Dooley, KevinProfessor Chair480/965-6833
Fewell, JenniferPresident's Professor Chair480/965-6539
Griffin, WilliamEmeritus Professor Member
Hechter, MichaelEmeritus Professor Member480/727-0735
Hoelldobler, BertholdEmeritus Professor Chair480/727-8415
Hruschka, DanielProfessor Chair480/965-3087
Janssen, MarcusProfessor Chair480/727-4641
Johnston, ErikProfessor Member
Jordan, MichelleAssociate Professor Member480/965-9663
Kang, YunProfessor Chair480/727-5004
Kenrick, DouglasPresident's Professor Member480/965-7249
Kim, YushimAssoc Professor Member602/496-1157
Lall, UpmanuInstitute Dir (F9) & Professor Chair
Laubichler, ManfredDir & President's Profr Chair
Liebig, JuergenAssoc Professor Chair480/727-8508
Lobo, JoseClinical Assoc Profr, MY (FSC) Chair480/965-3747
Lott Daniels, BryanAssistant Professor Chair
Maroulis, SpiroAsc Dir (ACD) & Asc Professor Member
Mathis, NicholasAssistant Professor Chair
Neuberg, StevenProfessor Member480/965-7845
Page, RobertProvost Emeritus & Provost Eme Chair480/965-8525
Pavlic, TheodoreAssoc Professor Co-Chair480/965-2899
Pfirman, StephanieProfessor Member
Polidoro, BethAssoc Professor Co-Chair602/543-5686
Poste, GeorgeChief Scientist & Regents Prof Member480/727-8662
Pratt, StephenProfessor Co-Chair480/727-9425
Sarjoughian, HessamAssoc Professor Member480/965-3983
Schoon, MichaelProfessor Chair
Sha, Xin WeiProfessor (FSC) Chair
Shutters, ShadeResearch Scientist (FSC) Co-Chair
Smith, BrianProfessor Chair
Van Der Leeuw, SanderEmeritus Professor Chair480/965-6214
Vanos, JenniferAssoc Professor Co-Chair480/965-6380
Walker, SaraProfessor Chair480.727.2394
Wang, XuanAssoc Professor Co-Chair480/965-7789